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Culinary Craftsmanship, Conveniently Delivered.

At GBC Food Services, we don’t just serve meals; we craft experiences. We believe that every bite tells a story, and everything we create is a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, creativity, and unwavering consistency. Our mission is clear: to deliver Culinary Craftsmanship, Conveniently Delivered, and in doing so, to foster win-win results for all.

Quality is the cornerstone of our existence. We source the finest ingredients, meticulously selecting each element that graces our dishes. From farm or ocean to table, every step of our culinary journey is marked by a dedication to excellence. Our team, masters of their craft, infuse passion into every recipe, ensuring that our offerings tantalize the taste buds and nourish the soul. With strive to elevate the standards of quality, demonstrating that gourmet experiences can be both accessible and exceptional.


About Us

Yummi Sushi was founded in 2010 with our first restaurant in Irving, TX. Since then, we have built a highly reputable business throughout the United States.

Our Franchise Brands

Yummi Sushi

We provide turn-key solutions for chef managed kiosks delivering premium sushi and Pan-Asian to-go dining for grocery stores, hospitality, corporate dining, and universities.

Supreme Service Solutions LOGO_full color logo.png

Supreme Service Solutions

We provide innovative and premium culinary solutions delivered in convenient to-go containers such as cut fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, and other deli products crafted with quality ingredients and in quality packaging.

Franchise Information

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